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Our Personalised Gift Options Compared


Our Personalised Gift Options Compared

Looking for personalised gifts but not sure which of our print choices is the best one for you? Read our guide to find out!

Personalised Gifts – Printed On The Box Lid

Chances are, when you first decide to buy personalised chocolate gifts for your clients, staff, event or for Christmas, you imagine a gift box with your logo and message printed on the box. You’re not alone, as this is the most popular of the personalised gift options we offer.

Perhaps you have in mind a colourful Christmas theme to complement your logo colours. But printing directly on the lid of the box in full colour can be extremely costly, unless you’re buying quantities in the thousands.

corporate-gift-ideas-luxury-chocolates-chouchoute-printed-box-lidThat’s why we offer two alternative solutions. We can foil-print your logo on the lid in ONE metallic or matt foil colour, similar to the image shown. It’s a great solution for a strong, simple logo, but it’s unsuitable for more complex artwork such as a full colour logo or Christmas theme.

That’s why we decided to enhance our range of personalised gift options. If you’d like full colour printing on the box we can laser-print your logo and greeting on to a transparent label, applied to the lid of the box. It creates a stunning finish, there’s no minimum order quantity and it’s cost-effective at any order quantity – even 10! The turnaround time is super-fast too. Of all our personalised gift options this is now the most popular, offering the perfect blend of an economically priced gift with stunning printed graphics and a ribbon colour to complement your logo or event theme.

personalised-chocolate-box-with-printed-card-chouchoute-corporatePersonalised Gifts – With A Printed Gift Card

This personalised gift option is a great choice when you want recipients to retain your details. We create a high quality card, digital-printed on both sides in full colour. We’ll add a satin ribbon to complement your artwork too. A chocolate gift box with a printed card is an economical branding option, at quantities of 100+ gifts. Your logo or brand can be featured on one side of the card, with your contact details on the reverse – ideal for recipients to retain or pass on to someone else, as it means your brand and message can reach a wider audience and be seen for longer. We’ll recommend a gift card size to fit your gift choice too – from a two chocolate box size and up – and it’s a great solution for hamper gifts too!

corporate-gift-ideas-luxury-chocolates-chouchoute-printed-sleevePersonalised Gifts – With A Printed Sleeve

When you want to create maximum brand impact, a printed sleeve is the most highly recommended of all our personalised gift options. Like our printed gift cards, they’re digitally printed so you get full colour printing at no extra cost. They’re suitable for order quantities of 50+, and the turnaround time is fast too. Our sleeves are sized to fit all boxes from the four chocolate size and up, and the perfect choice if you have an in-house graphic designer to create stunning artwork for you.

Ready to shout your message loud and clear? Find out more here.

To find out how our personalised gift options can help your business, contact our Sales Office on 0121 314 3472 or request a quote and sample.

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