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Five Reasons Why Chocolate Makes A Great Corporate Christmas Gift

Christmas chocolate gift with printed sleeve

Why is chocolate such a popular choice for corporate Christmas gifts? It’s no mystery – read on!

1 – Chocolate is a timeless classic

There was a time when class and elegance were key. Think Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall and Grace Kelly, when every gift was tied with a velvet bow – even a puppy!

Luxury chocolates, brought up to date with contemporary styling, can re-create the style and sophistication of this bygone era. Not only are they eternally fashionable, they’re also the canvas for your corporate branding. The perfect combination!

2 – Chocolate makes people smile

When you’re buying gifts by the thousand it’s impossible to take each individual recipient’s personal preferences into account. But everyone loves chocolate! (We’ve heard rumours of those who claim not to – probably just a myth!) There will always be people who have very specific tastes so concentrate on the big picture and indulge your recipients. You really can’t put a price on a moment of genuine pleasure. Quite simply, if your corporate Christmas gift is chocolate, you’re sure to be remembered as the giver of joy!

3 – Teams love to share … and keep sharing

Instead of gimmicky gift choices, a big box of chocolates is perfect for the whole team to share and enjoy. They might even share your gift on Facebook of Twitter too; great free publicity if the box is branded.

4 – Chocolate is versatile

You’ll find luxury personalised chocolates in goody bags, on dinner tables at PR events and in VIP client gift hampers, to name but a few popular examples. Chocolate can hit the spot at so many occasions – especially Christmas – and the vast range of box sizes means there’s bound to be the perfect chocolate Christmas gift to satisfy every budget.

5 – All your gifts – delivered

There aren’t many gifts that can be delivered hassle-free direct to your customers. But our ‘despatch to customer’ service offers just that! Just send us your mailing list and gift choices and we’ll take care of the rest while you get back to business. We can even deliver your gifts overseas.

Our luxury chocolates look good, make you feel good and most importantly taste good. So whichever way you look at it, you’re onto a winner if you select Chouchoute for your corporate Christmas gifts!

To find out more about luxury corporate chocolates for your corporate Christmas gifts request a quote or call our Sales Office on 0121 314 3472.

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