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The Tricks Every Employer Needs To Improve Employee Productivity

Your team members are well trained and well paid.  They have all the tools they need to get the job done.  Productivity levels should be through the roof… so why aren’t they?  Perhaps your team’s demotivated, resulting in poor work output that reflects badly on the company.  But fear not, there are ways to get your team back on track and improve employee productivity!

Encourage Work Life Balance

Believe it or not, most employees work to live rather than live to work.  A career is just one element of their busy lives. Consider introducing flexible working hours, so your team can work the hours that better suit their home life.  People with a good work life balance will be concentrating on the job in hand rather than wondering how they’re going to find time to ring the gas company or negotiate the rush hour to pick up the kids.  And studies show that, in a workplace that encourages balance, productivity (and staff retention) are higher.

Allow Time For Breaks

Chaining employees to their desks will not help their output in the long term.  Instead, encourage regular breaks and even a breath of fresh air.  A tired, burnt out team won’t achieve good results, no matter the overtime hours they do.

Minimise Distractions

Whether it’s office gossip, a disorganised desk or the internet, the workplace is full of distractions, but excessive distractions can kill productivity.  The key is encouraging employees to manage their time well and providing a well organised work space.


There are times when your team will need to work late to finish a project or skip lunch to meet a deadline.  So make sure they know how grateful you are by celebrating their achievements.  Research shows that small, well-chosen gifts can go a long way towards showing people they’re doing a great job.  Personalised chocolate gifts are the ideal choice.  Employee gift incentives are always popular, but you really can’t go wrong with corporate chocolate gifts.  You never know, they might even save some for you!

 Chocolate Box With Green Ribbon And Customised Card

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