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5 Reasons Luxury Chocolates Make Great Corporate Gifts


If you’ve ever wondered why chocolate is such a popular choice for corporate gifts, we think we’ve solved the mystery!Gold And Black Boxes With Branded Gift Cards

1 – Chocolate looks the part 

Tradition is not something to be sniffed at.  There was a time when class and elegance were key.  Think Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall and Grace Kelly. Back then every gift imaginable had a bow tied around it, even a puppy!  Chocolates, especially the luxury kind, bring to mind the style and sophistication of this bygone era.  Brought up to date with contemporary styling, chocolate boxes are just as fashionable for gifts now and they’re the canvas for your corporate branding.

2 – Chocolate relieves stress

It’s 4:30pm and you have a report to complete by the end of the day.  The one silver lining in your stress-fuelled cloud is the little box of chocolates hidden away in your desk drawer.  Quality chocolate, with its antioxidants and stress reducing endorphins, helps you keep your cool in the office.  So if your corporate gift is chocolate you’re sure to be remembered as the giver of joy.

3 – Chocolate is a crowd pleaser

When you’re buying gifts by the thousand you can’t always take each individual recipient’s personal preferences into account.  Mike is teetotal, Paula hates the colour blue and Suzie shudders at the very thought of polka dots. But what do they all have in common?  Everyone likes chocolate!  (We’ve heard rumours that there are those who claim not to like chocolate, but they’ve yet to be confirmed.)  There will always be people who have very specific tastes so concentrate on the big picture and indulge your recipients.  You really can’t put a price on a moment of genuine pleasure.

4 – Chocolate is perfect for sharing

You’ve just finished a project with your design agency and you want to thank them for all their late nights and patience when you asked them to rethink their entire concept.  Instead of gimmicky gift choices, a big box of chocolates is perfect for the whole team to share and enjoy.  They might even share your gift on Facebook of Twitter too; great free publicity if the box is branded!

5 – Chocolate is versatile

Question: What can be found in event goody bags, on dinner tables at PR events, in VIP client gift hampers and (if you work for a very generous company) at meetings? The answer? Luxury chocolates! Whether it’s an extravagant gift for a special event or small thank you token for your sales team, chocolate hits the spot for so many different occasions.  The wide range in sizes and price points, from boxes of one chocolate to one hundred, means no matter your corporate gift requirements, there’s a chocolate box to fulfil them.

So despite being a luxury gift choice chocolate doesn’t cost the earth and will easily fit within your corporate gift budget.  Chocolate looks good, makes you feel good and most importantly tastes good! Whichever way you look at it, you’re onto a winner.

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