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The Great Chocolate Debate: Part IV

Does chocolate cause acne?

The idea that chocolate causes acne is nothing more than a myth, commonly used by parents to discourage their children from over-indulging on their favourite chocolate bars.

Many scientists question the relationship between chocolate consumption and acne, saying that a healthy complexion has more to do with your diet as a whole. The potential acne-causing ingredient is thought to be foods high in glycemic, especially refined carbohydrates such as processed sugar, white bread, pasta and potatoes.

Whilst many of you chocoholics will be rejoicing right now, it’s recommended that we all stock up on fruits and vegetables and when we do need that all important chocolate fix to get through the working day, we opt for a few pieces of good quality, dark chocolate. With its high concentration of antioxidants and sun protecting properties, dark chocolate will actually nourish your skin – yet another reason to enjoy it!

Chocolate Truffle Balanced On Fork

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