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Could Chocolate be the Ultimate Stress Buster?

We’re all trying to achieve a good work-life balance but for some, dealing with the stresses of modern life can lead to unhealthy choices. Comfort eating is a common means to tackle workplace stress and yet turning to alcohol and unhealthy foods could be having a detrimental effect on our overall wellbeing.

stressed at workAccording to a recent study by Mintel, 33% of Brits have turned to comfort food in the last twelve months to combat workplace stress – with 35 to 44 year olds most likely to have food at the top of their stress busting list!

With almost 10 million working days lost to stress last year and experts predicting we are heading for a stress time bomb, how can we combat the strain of working in our fast-paced, constantly-connected digital world whilst not putting any further pressure on our health?

Perhaps chocolate could be the answer!  Why?  Because the flavanols in good quality dark chocolate can help lower the release of stress hormones to our heart and circulatory system. In short, gourmet chocolate can be a healthy – and enjoyable – way to tackle workplace stress!

Choose good quality dark chocolate and the high cocoa content will deliver your chocolate fix in just a few bites. Not only will you feel less stressed about work but thanks to the increase in ‘happiness chemicals’ – endorphin and serotonin – you’ll benefit from a generally improved mood too!

Choose your favourite stress busters from our range of luxury chocolates or call us today on 0121 314 3472 for advice on our range.

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