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How To Ensure Your Office Christmas Party Is One To Remember

Organising a Christmas party is a great way to herald the festive season and reward your employees for their effort and enthusiasm over the last twelve months.  In order for your party to be considered successful and memorable, you will, at the very least, need people to turn up.  This doesn’t sound particularly difficult, until you consider that most office Christmas parties are planned well in advance of the date, thus delivering no guarantee that the confirmed attendees will remember to show up.

Office Worker Enjoying Box Of Luxury Chocolates

Saving the Date

Faced with the need to fill the venue you have booked and most probably paid for, you will want to do everything you can to ensure that those who are planning on attending do not forget.

At this point most businesses will probably send an email to the guest list – which comes with a variety of problems, not least the potential for the message to end up in the junk email folder or fall unopened to the bottom of a busy inbox list.  The more proactive companies may send a ‘save the date’ card, which presents a timely reminder to registrants of the event date and venue.  Whilst this may be effective in prompting guests to add the date to their calendars, it does little else to set the tone for the ensuing event.

Businesses wanting to go one step further may choose to customise their ‘save the date’ offering in keeping with the theme of the event, using for example, a festive typeface and images to present the date and venue information.

There is, however, another level to aspire to when organising your Christmas events.

Chocolate Gifts

Using small gifts in desk drop campaigns will really ensure that the date of your event is committed to memory.   One or two luxury chocolates, for example, beautifully presented in an elegant gift box printed with the event date and a Christmas themed image, can be very effective in getting your message across.

Save the date token gifts can be used within companies of all sizes as a unique way to remind employees about the office Christmas party, whilst at the same time giving them a taste of what to expect.  If you want to maximise attendance at your Christmas function, whilst at the same time demonstrating the attention to detail and careful consideration that has gone into the planning and therefore, the execution of the event, sending out small luxury chocolate gifts instead of save the date cards will show your employees how much you value them.

At Chouchoute we offer a bespoke corporate gift service, creating the perfect boxes of luxury chocolates, large and small, for every business occasion.  Please contact us on 0121 314 3472 to discuss your requirements or click here to view our small chocolate boxes which can be customised to meet your event reminder requirements.

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